Cardinal Rule: Zero Impact on Pagespeed

We've worked hard to ensure zero millisecond page load time impact

Lowest Industry Overhead

The statistics don’t lie, performance challenges can kill conversions. That’s why Quantum Metric is focused on having an imperceptible impact to performance. From patent-pending algorithms to shrink data transmitted, to innovative capture solutions, Quantum Metric is dedicated to remaining the least overhead of the industry, while continuing to collect the highest fidelity of information.

As little as a 100 ms delay of your site load may impact tens of millions of revenue.

Quantum Metric’s impact: 0 ms.

Committed To Optimal Performance

We take great care to ensure Quantum Metric's data capture is seamless and imperceptible, keeping client CPU performance, memory footprint, and network usage at the center of our focus. Through profiling our clientside javascript, we consistently appear as one of the smallest JavaScript resource consumers.

Ask your Quantum Metric success consultant for a free performance analysis.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.