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Ecosystem Integrations


Quantum Metric seamlessly connects with your 3rd party products via API integration to cultivate a data rich customer experience stack. Paint a complete digital experience picture by integrating with your favorite web analytics, VOC and APM tools.

Simple Integrations

With Quantum Metric’s easy integrations, you can now gain a perspective of your product through the eyes of the customer and match the intended experience with actual experience with any 3rd party segment, session attributes, and data.


Voice of Customer Integration

Opinion Lab

With two-way integrations into voice of customer platforms, organizations can easily review survey responses via Quantum Metric’s web session replay as well as segment responses within Quantum Metric to correlate low scores with QM’s out-of-box frustration detection. From survey dashboards, teams can jump right to a picture-perfect understanding of why a user reported a poor experience or struggled to complete a desired process.

A/B/n Testing Integration

Adobe Target

Faster Testing Cycles with Actionable Insights With Quantum Metric and A/B/n testing tools, you’ll be able to iterate faster through your MVT tests as you narrow in on the most effective journey for your users. You’ll be able to get a picture-perfect understanding of where and why users are failing to convert. Campaigns Filterable with Full Replay With Quantum Metric’s integration into A/B/n solutions, you can review and replay every user with in Campaigns and MVT tests via Quantum Metric’s web session replay.

Google BigQuery Access

Google Cloud Platform

Connect your Enterprise Data Warehouse With Google BigQuery service as Quantum’s backend, you’ll have direct access to all data served. Data is ETL’d into Google BigQuery at 15 minute intervals, and real-time data is available via a realtime API.

A world of integrations

Adobe Analytics Jira
Salesforce Splunk

From tagging every bug with a session replay link to integrating your entire enterprise data warehouse, integrations are simple using Quantum Metric’s API. Ask our client success team about certified 2-way integrations with popular vendors.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.