A digital workspace for every team's needs

Put data in the context of each person's day-to-day

Quantum Metric Teams

No one team owns the digital experience. But everyone needs access to the same data in the context of their day-to-day.

Our Teams functionality gives you the ability to create unique workspaces for Product, UX, DevOps, QA, and more!

Now everyone on your digital team can “play from the same sheet of music.”

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Here’s how different digital stakeholders benefit from Quantum Metric Teams:

Product Manager

“I just want to see data for the product details page. Help me get there faster.”

Support Manager

“Our US teams should only see data for the US. It removes clutter, and data privacy risk.”

Product/Data/IT Leader

“We’re more agile if we can minimize the number of tools our teams jump in and out of.”

All the bells and whistles or custom workspaces for every team's unique needs.

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