Pixel perfect replay of every user experience

Understand the why behind the big data

Examine Real User Experiences

Improving your customer's experience is great for business, when you know where customers are struggling. By viewing real customers' experiences, you can better understand where customer struggle is occurring and get insight on how to improve your digital presence.

Experience your customer's experience

Drill into any segment, down to each individual user, providing a richer understanding and validation of each improvement opportunity. You'll be able to replay each user session that contributed to each statistic and opportunity identification. Quantum Metric's session replay is the most advanced replay engine. You'll be able to view a session exactly how your customer experienced it.

Easy Integrations

Integrate session replay with voice of customer, call center CRM, A/B/n testing, Adobe Analytics, or other 3rd-Party platform tools. Your organization users can easily view a customer's replay session with just one click. Integration is a single URL passing the customer's email, login, or session cookie. It's that simple.

With federated login support via SAML or OpenID, IT, Product, and CSRs won't need to think about signing in to multiple systems.

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Powerful analytics and segmentation

Watching thousands of hours of replay has very little value.

That's why clicks, scrolls, data entry, form fills, hits, session behavior, anomaly detection, and more are fed into Quantum Metric's powerful analytics engine so you only need to review sessions of interest.

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Supports modern web design and mobile

We worry about making deployment simple so you don't have to.

We make it easy to capture data, whether your digital presence is on PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. Quantum Metric works out of the box with all modern dynamic content sites, including Single Page Apps (ie, REACT, Angular, Backbone, etc), WebComponents, JQuery, AJAX, HTTP/2, HTTPS, SPDY, HTML5, and more.

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Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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