Big Data Analytics simplified

Quantum Metric uncovers insights to why visitors struggle on your website and apps, unlocking actionable opportunities to impact engagement and recover lost revenue.

Answer Questions Without Asking

What's the financial value of making your site 50% faster? Quantum Metric uses statistical analysis combined with machine intelligence to show opportunities prioritized by financial value based on many metrics, such as website performance, user struggle, or down time. So you don't have to wonder if site performance is impacting your organization's success - Quantum Metric will tell you without you even asking.

Cost of struggle and outages

DevOps teams face a daunting task of keeping systems running smoothly 24/7/365. But teams continually face prioritization challenges with issue resolution.

Actionable intelligence from Quantum Metric employs machine intelligence to analyze 10,000+ automatically and user-defined segments.

Using the results, Quantum Metric identifies where your digital presence may be underperforming or users are struggling. Where available, segments are assigned a dollar value, so you can be sure you are making the right decisions for your bottom line.

Automatically Detect Struggle

Don't rely only on predetermined metrics and alerting. Let Quantum Metric be your 24/7 data scientist, scanning for user struggle. It can alert you to underperforming page layouts, page performance, error conditions, network conditions, predictive analysis, and more, delivering only relevant, actionable intelligence.

Proactive issue resolution

Many organizations hear about new issues with their digital presence directly from customers. But it's often difficult for a handful of comments from customers to convey the urgency of a specific issue. Why? Simply put, most support organizations do not know the scale of affected users and how much the issue is costing the business.

Using machine intelligence, Quantum Metric can auto detect when users are struggling, assess the full impact, and alert you to severe issues before your call center or social media is overwhelmed with inquiries.

Sophisticated Event Engine

Quantum Metric gathers, stores, and analyzes all of your HTTP(S) responses across your digital presence. It uses statistical analysis along with sophisticated frustration detection to give you a meaningful look at millions of user sessions.

Not just the errors you were looking for

Traditional software has relied on operations teams to define what an error "looked" like. Instead, Quantum Metric uses patent-pending anomaly detection algorithms to identify application and system errors. While this contributes to simpler configuration and frees up your marketing and operations teams, it also helps ensure you are aware of all errors, not just the ones you were looking for.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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