Let us find the needles

You don't have time to watch millions of users. Let Quantum Metric help you prioritize where you can make the biggest impact

Funnel DNA: Advanced Analytics

Enterprises can now use digital analytics platforms to find needles in big data haystacks, cutting through the work of discovery and skip right to results.

Your digital analyst army

Instead of requiring hours of human analysis, Quantum Metric augments the work of a data science team by using the power of Google’s BigQuery to identify underperforming suspect segments.

Save hours on each analysis

Both out-of-box and custom created segments are analyzed to determine which segment variations are underperforming. Quantum Metric then uses patent-pending Funnel DNA analysis to compare suspect segments to “normal”, identifying where in the funnel a suspect issue is impacting conversion. The result is a sorted list of where the biggest issues are, typically identifying millions of annual recovery opportunities through automatic analysis.

Quantum Metric's Funnel DNA

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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