Never Miss A Beat

Retroactive everything using Quantum Metric's Lookback

Scalable Event Engine

Sophisticated event engine

Big Data can be overwhelming without the necessary analysis tools. Quantum Metric uses machine intelligence to help identify customer struggle patterns, without the need for tagging, coding, or deep analysis. Out of box, Quantum Metric will look for trends, poor performing web responses, errors, and more to help you ensure great customer experiences.

Quantum Metric gathers, stores, and analyzes all of your web and ios app digital experiences. It uses statistical analysis along with sophisticated frustration detection to give you a meaningful look at millions of user sessions.

Tagless Setup

You can't analyze data you don't capture. But most analytics solutions require tiresome tagging of every event in your code. Quantum Metric is setup solely within the QM UI, meaning you don’t have to spend weeks working with developers to tag each KPI, so you can quickly analyze how users experience your site.

Flexible Monitoring

Any data point that’s visible from the browser can be easily integrated into and attached to a user’s session as an attribute. From window data objects, to cookies, API/XHR calls, any data point can be pulled in with ease.

Retroactive Everything

Seamlessly Upgrade Your CX

Have a new issue that’s not being tracked? With Quantum Metric, no problem. Using the scale of Google Cloud, Quantum Metric harnesses hundreds of thousands of cloud CPUs in seconds to replay millions of user sessions in search for a specific issue.

Quantum Metric’s Lookback enables operations teams to identify when a new untracked issue started and the % of impacted users so they can assess and respond accordingly.

Not Just The Errors You're Tracking

Traditional software has relied on operations teams to define what an error "looked" like. Instead, Quantum Metric uses patent-pending anomaly detection algorithms to identify application and system errors. While this contributes to simpler configuration and frees up your marketing and operations teams, it also helps ensure you are aware of all errors, not just the ones you were looking for.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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