Charting and Reporting your Data

It's never been easy to share data with your team

Advanced Visualizations

Quantum Metric allows users to customize exactly the information they are looking to display. For example, users can decide if a conversion rate should be mapped by the # of conversion / the # of sessions, or the number of distinct users, or plot the median, average, min, or max of the website performance metrics.

What’s the value of data if you can’t interpret and share it? Quantum Metric has the most advanced dashboarding capabilities to visualize your digital experience delivery. Quantum Metric has 1 and 2 dimensional graphs, statistic tiles, and other visualizations that can:

  • Display metrics
  • Apply aggregate functions such as distinct, average, median, and more.
  • Filter a segment using any attribute, such as an A/B/n segment, mobile platform, or users who added to cart.

Fun for the Entire Team

Through various permission levels, users can share and modify team dashboards. Users can also easily import and export dashboards between multiple subscriptions to simplify keeping the must-have dashboards in sync. Select from an inventory of template dashboards to help you get started.

Beautifully-Crafted Executive Reports

Reporting made simple

While's it's great to know you have a team ready to go with alerts powered by machine-learning anomaly detection, hourly and daily reports can help executive team members rest easy, knowing everything is functioning as planned.

  • High-Level KPIs
  • Statistical Deviation, helping interpret data compared to normal
  • Events and Alerts breakdown

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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