Discover digital frustration automatically

Quantum Metric's out-of-box errors detect friction points with zero setup

Understanding Digital “Tells”

Automatically Discover Frustrated Users

Through years of experience along with working with the who’s who list of digital retailers, Quantum Metric’s data scientists have identified a number of digital "tells" when a user is frustrated.

Embedding these signs deep into the platform, Quantum Metric identifies frustration points, feeding them into the platform's Funnel DNA analysis along with quantifying and sorting the financial impacts. The end result, a sorted list of where organizations can improve their digital presence.

Quantum's Auto Opportunities

Increase Conversions and Usability

Upgrade Your Customer Exerience with Ease: Optimizing conversion and usability is the end-game of customer user experience software. To do so, you must understand how users use your site. While video-quality replay helps understand individual users, looking at aggregate behavior patterns can be the key to improving your digital presence. Quantum Metric has a documented track record of identifying conversion obstacles in just a few hours!

Heatmaps 2.0: Variations

Understand User Behavior with Heatmaps

Quantum Metric displays interaction heatmaps and reach maps to help you visualize customer patterns. These tools help you optimize your conversions, ensuring your content is in the best position and experienced with the greatest of ease. Heatmaps reveal where your site is attracting your customers' attention.

QM’s Heatmap Variations

As content has become more dynamic in the front-end browser, applying static heatmap data has proven ineffective at fully understanding the customer experience. Quantum Metric’s unique approach to heatmapping is to ensure that the right movements and clicks are applied to the correct views. Given a specific URL, you’ll be able to select, for example, when a pop-up appeared and have the correct clicks applied to the “X” of the pop-up. Advanced heatmapping for a dynamic environment.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.

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