In 2020, everyone needs to deliver stellar experiences.
Quantum Metric delivers unique insights for many verticals.


With customer experience cited as the key differentiator that drives wins, e-commerce web and mobile apps have a pressure to deliver from the first page load.

Omnichannel Online Shopping Insights

Top eCommerce brands have utilized Quantum Metric to successfully drive increased revenue through improved cross device digital customer experiences. Ensure your online customers get a smooth end-to-end digital shopping journey by watching their interactions with your site, getting alerts on struggle areas, and gaining actionable insights from machine intelligence applied to their behavior.

"Machine Intelligence is helping us meet our customers' expectations of perfect online shopping journeys. Using Quantum Metric, we are combining advanced analytics with session replay as an additional tool to help ensure a fast, intuitive, and error-free digital experience,"

--Walter Scott, CMO Advance Auto Parts

Finance & Insurance

Industries like Finance and Insurance are governed by strict regulations that often provide challenges in obtaining clear visibility into customer actions while also protecting their data and anonymity.

GDPR Compliant User Behavior Insights

Gain pixel-perfect visibility and actionable insights without compromising on data security and compliance. Quantum Metric gives you complete control over what is and is not captured in the platform, doubly encrypts data on the client side, and stores information on the secure Google Cloud Platform. Quantum does not collect passwords or PCI data to ensure you remain compliant and your customer’s information remains anonymous, protected, and safe.


Travel websites need to constantly be optimizing and personalizing their online experience to cater to their users, and that requires a level of understanding that covers the smallest details to the big picture.

Pinpoint Customer Struggle

Find out how travelers are using your web and mobile apps and discover why they might be abandoning orders. Quantum Metric helps you understand digital user frustrations so that you can adapt your online presence and drive more conversions and loyalty.

“We can actually see how our users are interacting with the site in real-time. The platform pushes us to make design and dev changes to improve our digital experience.”

--Scott Knudson, Product Manager at TravelPass Group


Tasked with firefighting consumer frustrations, telecom service providers often struggle to stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Facilitate Digital Usability

Minimize call center times and encourage online engagement by optimizing your web and mobile applications. Quantum Metric arms you with the data you need to optimize your digital experience funnel.

Media & Content

Maximizing positive online engagement is crucial for content brands to retain consumer loyalty and prove value to advertisers.

Encourage Content Clicks

Invest in your online customer experience and see where you are capturing interest or losing your audience to low page performance or UX bugs. With Quantum Metric, media and content companies have access to user behavior insights that can unlock key revenue opportunities.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.